Brielle Biermann Exposes Two Famous Bravo Stars Who Constantly DM Her

Brielle Biermann Exposes Two Famous Bravo Stars Who Constantly DM Her

Brielle Biermann Exposes Two Famous Bravo Stars Who Constantly DM Her

Brielle Biermann is emphasizing how unattractive she finds flirtatious communications from unmarried men. Kim Zolciak Biermann’s daughter revealed that two prominent Bravo celebs had been DMing her nonstop.

On Monday, November 28, the show’s “The “Don’t Be Tardy…” actor admitted on the podcast “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” that “There are some quite fascinating direct messages, actually, from a number of different people. Some of them, like, are married or have girlfriends or something.” She continued, “There are maybe two Bravo employees there. There are a few famous celebrities who are married.”

“I desperately want to tell someone, but I just can’t. I don’t trust anyone with information of that nature “Brielle went on. She soon added, though, that she had told her mother about the DMs and that Kim was equally as stunned by the “balls these men have.” Brielle continued, “Particularly, there is one person who won’t leave me alone. Like I’m not replying because I don’t want to damage a marriage or relationship.”

Brielle adamantly declared that she would “not respond.” I don’t reply, she insisted, before going on to state that it “bothers me” when people send emojis or say “hi.” In a later statement, she made it clear that her most persistent hidden suitor is “not from Bravo” and is not Alex Rodriguez, but rather he is well-known.

Brielle remarked, “Like, if you don’t answer, that’s almost stalking…if you just keep getting DMs.” The 25-year-old celebrity continued to elaborate, “People are strange. It eludes me. say, what do they believe? that they won’t ever be apprehended?”

The girlfriends of the men follow her, which makes the situation even more embarrassing. “I’ll check [the guy’s] page to see if their partner is still there or has left. Like, when were these photos taken? “She spoke. “When I visit her page, it says to “Follow back.” Here we go, I think. Probably how they found me.”

In other parts of the open conversation, Brielle confessed that she is currently single and not looking for any kind of love. “It wouldn’t be my vibe if I had to stand there and make out with 30 different guys. Unless we’re dating, I detest touching people. Like, don’t talk to me or touch me… That’s not how I feel. I pray the day never comes when I have to experience something similar to discover love “She revealed.

Brielle Biermann Spills Two Non-Single Famous Bravo Stars DM Her Nonstop

The threesome would instead include Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, according to Brielle. She described Megan as “hot as hell” and described MGK as “gorgeous” and “on fire.” She continued to fawn about the pair, saying, “I would take both of them for a night.”

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