Georgians prepare for politics during Thanksgiving

Georgians prepare for politics during Thanksgiving

Georgians prepare for politics during Thanksgiving

Food and festivities won’t be the only things on Georgians’ minds as they gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the midst of a contentious runoff election campaign, discussions about politics may also take place around the dinner table.

“Well, I tried to avoid having to bring up politics throughout your Thanksgiving. We came really close. very near But we need to move a step forward. Are you guys prepared to take this home? Let’s finish it “Tuesday, Sen. Warnock stated.

Georgian politics are nothing new around the holidays. The cycle was nine weeks long in 2020, when the state had two Senate runoff elections, and it interfered with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Even though this year’s runoff cycle is only four weeks long, voters are still required to cast their ballots throughout the holiday season, which has drawn a variety of responses from the electorate.

Peyton Jones and Cameron Stargell are both sophomores attending colleges outside of their home states. However, both are back in Atlanta for the Thanksgiving holiday and intend to cast their ballots in person before returning to school following the celebrations.

“Even though it’s incredibly challenging, I think having to vote twice is definitely worth it because I truly want Warnock to win. I believe doing so will be advantageous for us in the long run “Stargell stated.

Both claimed to be open to any political discussions that might come up at home.

The topics being voted on are not things you can ignore, so I feel like it’s vital to have those dialogues, Jones said. “I feel like you have to talk about it now,” he added.

PHOTO: Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Sen. Raphael Warnock speaks during a news conference, on Nov. 10, 2022, in Atlanta.

On Monday, November 28, early voting begins statewide; however, counties may decide to hold additional early voting days if they are able to.

Voters in Douglas County expressed gratitude for the opportunity to cast their ballots before the holiday when the polls opened on Tuesday.

Alfredia Brennon explained, “I won’t be in town, so I came before I left. “I’m eager for it to end. I’m going to make sure my vote is counted because I’m sick of watching the news and advertising. I’ve had it.”

Sam Wyatt stated, “I hope this is the last time.” Not that I care because I thought it was fantastic when I learned today that we could vote early.

Wyatt, however, asserted that his family probably wouldn’t be having a political conversation over Thanksgiving meal.

“It is done. We cast our ballots. When people ask me “who will you vote for?” I cite “I voted.”” Wyatt laughed as he said.

Both Senate candidates advised people to keep politics in the background over the holidays.

Sen. Warnock remarked, “You may vote on Saturday or Sunday if you eat on Thursday and shop on Friday.

PHOTO: Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker speaks to a crowd gathered for a rally with prominent Republicans on Nov. 21, 2022, in Milton, Ga.

“There’s a reason why Thanksgiving today is different from Thanksgiving in the past. You’re now trying to figure out what you’re going to do for Thanksgiving. Either a chicken or a turkey will be served. Since I sell chicken, I don’t mind if you eat it, therefore purchase a lot of chicken “said Walker.

Polls will be closed on Thanksgiving and the day after, but a number of counties have said they will allow early voting on November 26 and 27, following a judge’s decision that Saturday voting is permitted in the state before the runoff.

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