‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Recap: The Winner Of Season 8 Is…

‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Recap: The Winner Of Season 8 Is…

‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Recap: The Winner Of Season 8 Is…

The season 8 finale of “The Masked Singer” aired on Wednesday, November 30. The season finale featured the remaining contestants, Harp and Lambs, taking the stage for the final time to compete for the title of season 8 winner of the hit FOX show.

After an hour of season recap, it was time for the main event. Harp and Lambs performed in two rounds in the finale. In the first round, they sang a song with personal meaning to them before taking the stage to belt out a pop classic.

Harp took the stage first. Lady GaGa’s “The Edge of Glory” was chosen as the song with personal meaning for her, and panelist Jenny McCarthy remarked that it was the best performance on the show ever. Ken Jeong thought Harp was Jennifer Hudson, while Robin Thicke thought she was Yvette Nicole Brown. Amber Riley was mentioned by Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny mentioned Jordin Sparks.


Lambs then performed “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan, which they chose as the song with the most personal meaning for them. Ken made a wild guess, speculating that the Lambs were the Kardashians. Given the Pet Sounds clue, Robin guessed Wilson Phillips. Nicole misidentified them as The Chicks or Wilson Phillips.


Lambs chose Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” for their pop classic performance. They stated in the video package that they discovered their “unique sound” as little girls. They displayed incredible, flawless harmony, convincing Jenny that they would win. “We’d be honored,” the Lambs replied.


Harp later took the stage to perform John Mayer’s “Gravity.” Harp delivered yet another spectacular performance, with Robin describing it as “hands down one of the best songs we’ve ever heard on this stage.” Harp became emotional over the compliments and began crying. “Being validated means a lot. In this industry, I’ve been through a lot “She revealed.


It was finally time to announce the winner. Harp was the winner of the Golden Masked Trophy this season!

Lambs was unmasked first as the runner-up. The panelists had already made their final guesses. Jenny named them The Chicks, Ken still thought they were Kardashians, and Robin and Nicole thought they were Wilson Phillips. Wilson Phillips was revealed to be Lambs!



Harp’s true identity would be revealed later. Robin speculated that she could be Yvette Nicole Brown in the final guesses. Jenny chose Jordin Sparks, Ken suggested Jennifer Hudson, and Nicole assumed Harp was Amber Riley. Nicole guessed correctly yet again because Harp was Amber Riley! In a celebratory performance, the winner sang Lizzo’s “About Damn Time.”

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